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Haircut yesterday! I still die a little bit when I think of the length I've lost (about 3-4 inches)! I've been growing my hair out for many, many years now, and I keep doing this thing, where I think it's time to get the ends cut off and do a little something different with my bangs for a change--and then I get in the chair, and I'm like, OK, ready for anything, but after all is said and done I just end up coming out of the place with the same haircut, except without the scraggly ends, and a feeling of dread, because I know that I'm right back where I was last summer...waiting for that extra length that will make it worth having long hair! Oh these viscious cycles I keep launching myself into! Woe is me!
I saw a lady Saturday night with hair down past her butt. I think that's gross. It looked like a horse's tail. I have to be honest though, right now I envy her.
So I've made up my mind not to get my haircut for two years. And then I'm going to get a rad artsy cut like I've always wanted. Something that will blow people's minds...something thats never been done before...something like this:

OR maybe this:

OR I could go for the antelope, excuse me, giraffe look:

What do YOU think??
Yarn hair pic via Photography Babak link
Animal hair sculptures pics via Nagi Noda/Uchu-Country Co. LTD. link

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Anonymous said...

please don't come home looking like this... I won't let you in...