In the most delightful way...

So we can talk about other things apart from the sexy new president, non? I love Mary Poppins. Marc Jacobs must too:

I'm glad our fine genius is embracing the straw hat. You may not realize it, but, as Mr. Jacobs has kindly pointed out, the straw hat is one of the most wearable out there. It's so versatile and utilitarian! And it goes with practically everything! Don't believe ME? Ask HER:

She was, after all, Miss Practicality. All it took was one spoonful of sugar! And that bag! Where can I get one of those? Maybe Marc Jacobs?
If you'd like to try the straw look yourself, we've got a couple of options for you, which will soon be available exclusively in our Etsy shop! Here's a sneak peek:

<3 fringe vintage
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