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I learned a lot from my barbies. My great grandmother made me and my sister truck loads of miniature clothes for them. She must've been some kind of genius because these clothes were effing amazing--totally righteous original creations--most of which my parents still have stored in giant plastic bins in their garage. I still remember a lot of my favorite outfits for the little plastic/rubber/whatever cuties quite vividly. Most of the pieces she made were polyester with wacky psychodelic patterns and colorful buttons and appliqué galore. I fucking loved my barbies. A strange thing though, I don't remember exactly what I did with them. That is, what did I make them do?? Did I walk them around? Did I have voices for them? How do you play barbies by yourself? The imaginative process comes so naturally for children. Kids are thinking some crazy shit most of the time. Now that I'm all grown up it just seems so far away and foreign to me.
There is a subtle irony in the fact that I was outfitting my imagination, via the Barbie, in vintage gear since I was a small girl. Whats more is that when I was a child, I dressed myself in boy clothes, almost always. 2nd grade school pic: NY Yankees t-shirt, matching red head-band, jeans. Right before I walked out the door that morning my mom asked me, "Erin are you sure you want to wear that? It's picture day." Yeah ma. When I got to school and saw all of the other girls in their poofy dresses I slowly built a mountain of hatred for my mother for not having forced me to put on a pretty dress. I was a mouse in a Yankees tee--they were princesses.

I had this barbie:

She came with a neon pink cassette tape. I made a stage for her out of a box and a pillow case, and then we rocked out together.

And then I would watch this show:

These kids had it made man. MADE. Luckiest cats in the world. Skinnamarinkidinkidink.

And we was all crushin' hard on LeVar Burton.

Man I'm gettin' old.

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Danny503 said...

Man, I used to watch Kids Incorporated all the time on the Disney Channel when I was a youngster. They would always play MMC and Kids Inc. back to back for maximum preteen dramatic effect. By the time that hour was over I always felt so cool and early 90's hip. I always wished I had some sort of cool diner or soda shop to go to like they did in all those early 90's preteen shows like Boy Meets World and Kids Inc. It always made me so jealous when they would all be hanging out eating a burger and drinking a milk shake... without their parents.

Here's something to blow your mind: Remember Emerald Cove? The epitome of cool kids, cool diners, and early 90's teen fashion.

PS. Those block letters at the end of the Kids Inc. Theme are the best ever, they totally remind me of those PSA that NBC does. "The More you Know..."