Fellini's 8 1/2. Keren Anne. The Mother and the Whore. Iron Lungs. Truffaut. Not Karl Legerfeld. Dear Jim: I know we got into a fight about skinny models that time you'd squeezed yourself into our Paris apart. I'm sorry. I was wrong. These are much better.

BTW Have you seen Antoine Doinel?
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Danny503 said...

Man, I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Antoine Doinel series, even if the last two are admittedly poor films. What a rewarding experience it is to follow one character, played by one actor, and directed by such a lauded auteur through a whole lifetime of love and loss. It's the more romantic younger brother to the Up series.

And as far as old Jean-Paul Belmondo goes, never did thievery and thugging look so good. That was one handsome frenchman.

betsyandiya said...

I really love the feeling of this post. All the pictures take me somewhere; then they're doing their job, they have a purpose. Very romantic/-very desperate. Love.

You blog is looking great, btw. I love how its design has become quite ephemeral, just like fashion. But maybe this one is to stay? I kinda like that though...everytime I come over here, you've got a new look.

Also, etsy is looking awesome. We should meet for coffee or drinks soon; I'll tell you all I know.

(Love how you have that same special drawer...)

Fringe Vintage said...

Haha! Who knows...its a constant journey for me ;)! Thanks you!