with a BANG not with a whimper,

I am beginning to realize just how much the weather affects my mood. I feel on top of the world whenever the sun is shining whilst when the sky becomes a giant grey ceiling I feel the pits. Today the sun is shining. The lord hast shown mercy.
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So how do you feel today? Do you find that the sun helps to soften your hard winter hearts? Does it reveal to you your true position in the cosmos? Did you know that Sputnik was Russian? Did you know that you alone cannot cure your woes? Did you know that George Costanza can tell you the best public toilet to use in every corner of Manhattan? Did you ever ask? Did you know that Obama is left handed? So is Bill Clinton, as is George Bush #1, as was Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, Herbert Hoover, James Garfield, and perhaps many others before the 20th century, though it's hard to prove. As is Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain... Do you know what those odds are?

Today: My favorite jeans. My favorite scarf. My favorite new cardigan.


Sans scarf

Cardigan close-up

Cardigan, Mader bought for me - Jeans (those holes are real!), Noir Kennedy - Scarf - thrifted, Laon, France - Shoes, Mader bought for (me?)

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Danny503 said...

The level of sunshine, more so than any other facet of weather, has the most profound effect on my mood. The weather in Korea is pretty fucking cold, but it hardly ever rains, and it is almost always sunny. I'll take 25 F, sunny and dry over 50 f, cloudy, and wet any day of the week.

I tried one of those SAD lights last year and I can't say for certain if it helped, but psychologically it made me feel better knowing that I was trying to exert some control over natures strangle hold on my mood.

What ARE the odds of all those presidents being left handed... go figure.

Fringe Vintage said...

The odds? Like 90-93% of the population is right handed, those are the odds.