Lemon Incest... (It's a song)

So I'm sitting here in this paint fume cloud, surfing the internets, when I come upon something, (I don't know how or where or why), very interesting. Interesting because I hadn't known about it before, and interesting because it's effing weird even for this guy, I think. That's not to say that it's surprising or anything... Oh yeah!
I give you, Lemon Incest, by Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg:

It was recorded the year I was born, 1984!! Kewl.

We all know that Serge Gainsbourg + Jane Birkin = Charlotte Gainsbourg, right? Jane Birkin also had two other daughters, each of them by different men. I'm not implying anything by this; I think Jane Birkin is lovely, I'm really a huge fan. I'm also a huge fan of Serge and Charlotte.

Jane Birkin:

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg:

Charlotte Gainsbourg:

Serge and Charlotte also recorded a duet together in 1986 called, um, Charlotte For Ever, I think. It is also a a tad incestual interesting:

And now here is a photo of my sister and I and Serge in a bar in Paris when she came over for New Years:

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tinyredhands said...

Charlotte Forever gives me da heebee jeebeez.