Things I saw in passing, Oil Can Henry's, Bonnie & Clyde, and FASHION

I finally went to get an oil change today, cuz the poor old thing REALLy needed it. At first I went to Radio Cab, because I thought they provided that service, but long story short, they don't, but someone there does, but they are too busy, so you have to make an appointment, but I wasn't willing to wait, so I went over to Oil Can Henry's. To my delight, the smashing young men working there go to great lengths to keep the ignorant women sitting in their cars entertained. I was greeted by a young man in black gloves, striped shirt, and a black bow tie, a large smile across his face. He handed me a "complimentary newspaper" (USA Today ECK!) and told me that I could just stay put, lay back, and let the guys check out what's under my hood. hehe... OK, he didn't say exactly that, but he did tell me that I didn't have to get out of the car, and that I could even watch what they were doing to me, ahem, I mean the car, in the mirror he would hold in front of me, I mean in the monitor next to the driver side window. The guys scream and shout silly car things back and forth to each other, which made me feel really nervous, but which also made it much more interesting than reading USA Today. So I left feeling rejuvenated and $40 poorer and one USA Today richer!
I kept the paper to give to J, because he eats them, but instead I ended up opening it myself and scanning through the articles. Turns out it's soon the somethingth anniversary of the death of Bonnie & Clyde on May 23rd. The article mentioned small tidbits about the two young robbers' lives, and their deaths (Bonnie died at 23, Clyde at 24), including the fact that they killed 11 people. This struck something in me, because they've been so mythologized that I'd never really thought about the negative impact they may have had on society. I mean I knew they were outlaws, but come on--did they really actually kill people?! Um, yes. Of course they did. In fact, most of the people they killed were police officers. Upon discovering this, I couldn't help but think that this may have had something to do with why they were so greatly idolized (other than the fact that their story (girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, rebel against society to be together etc...)) was so classically romantic. The Bonnie & Clyde gang hit their peek in the great depression era--a time when public opinion about state officials was extremely negative. All in all though, murder is murder and killing cops is bad, whether they're corrupt or not, but I can see how the general public may not have felt as threatened by the bandits had it been more of a Natural Born Killers situation, if you know what I mean. Anyway, may they rest in peace, and may corrupt cops live forever in fear. (HAHA, yeah right.)

And now, below you will find some very interesting footage of the aftermath of the Bonnie & Clyde death ambush (R.I.P.), the most awesome car ever, and FASHION.

Dear owner of this car,

I love you.

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