Thrift Binge

My sis and Mader both insist that it's still my birthday. They say birthdays are supposed to last for three days, thus I've been forced to continually celebrate this thing for the past three days, until finally my sister and her BF drove back to Seattle this afternoon. I'm exhausted...further proof that I'm getting older--it doesn't take much to wear me out these days. :)
So I mentioned that Mader and I went on a thrift binge the day of my birthday. I really wanted to find some things for myself, but lo, it didn't work out that way, and we just ended up with armloads of goodies for the Fringe sisters.
Our first destination was an estate sale that had already been going on for a few weeks. The house was located in Rainier, Oregon, which is just on the Oregon side of the river from Longview, Washington (Kelso's sister city). You must drive across a very high (looks like you're ascending into heaven), extremely over-used bridge that never ever ceases to freak me out! We walked away from the sale with nothing except some photos of rusty old tools and of the effing amazing Boo Radley-esque house next door!
Even though it is March, it was snowing, but that didn't stop us from pushing on and heading down highway 30 after a few random failed thrift store attempts (Monday=everybody closed day) in Rainier (pictured below--river, tugboat, paper mill). We finally ended up in St. Helens. By this time I was suffering from severe sleep deprivation caused by the night before, because we are party animals and stayed up too late watching Man on Wire and Blue Velvet. Mader noticed how sleepy I was at the Senior Center Thrift Store where we met an old lady who was also celebrating her birthday on March 9th along with me. We paid and left. I took a nap when we got home before feasting on mussels and below delicacies.
Here are some photos of this grand journey along highway 30. If you're ever looking for some semi-close thrifting adventures, I highly recommend this trip.

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betsy and iya said...

man, I wanna go with you on one of these. amazing.