J let me sleep in today.  He really is a dear you know.  I slept in until noon.  Then I got up and ate breakfast:

toast with blueberry jam and tea
And then I actually had the chance to do some yoga. I did both of these things while listening to NPR, which I think was a major mistake because today it has been especially depressing. I don't want to think about it, so I'm not going to say why.
I then cleaned up a bit, and found a nice place for the new lamp that I'd picked up from the free table downstairs. I was even more pleased with it than I'd expected. There's really a whole world of amazing things out there that the universe it just dying to give you, all you have to do is keep your head up and your eyes open and the gods will be gracious. For example, here is just a smattering of things we've acquired over the past year or so, completment gratis!

Green glass desk lamp, found on free table downstairs

Big wooden letter D, found on free table in other apartment building we lived in

Taxidermied turtle, found on the sidewalk, while out for a walk, with a post-it attached that read "free to a good home"

Vine plant, given to me at an estate sale. It was ghostly white with only a few little leaves left. I've brought it back from the dead, and now just look at it!

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