what's in a name?

Ah the art of branding. I can just imagine the sudden flash of excitement in someone's face as it finally hits them like a bolt of lightning--I know!!! I'll call it...

Classic Fashions? OK, so perhaps not as kewl as it could've been, as kewl as, say, this one:

Which one do you relate to more? I will have to go with the "Posse" shirt. I may not have a posse, but I do consider myself the type of person who should have a posse and would like to someday have a posse. The thing is though, even though I am really into having a posse I am quite torn, because I also consider myself an individualist, so maybe I will be going with this one:

I quite like the way that this brand makes me feel about myself. I think if I wore this shirt around it might give me the confidence to fulfill my dreams and stand up for what I feel is right. I don't much like the shirt though, and I might feel a bit too much pressure to live up to my own standards. I am, after all, a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of person, so perhaps this is the right choice for me:

Yes...everything is just ducky. That there really sums it all up for me. You'll never encounter a more ducky person than I, with the exception of maybe this guy:

OK, well then I can't really lay claim to that name because obviously Sir Elton gets firsties. Hm. So where does that leave me? Back to basics with "Classic Fashions"? Or should I take this as a hint to explore some identity fantasies! How about:

I do often times feel that I've got the soul of a crazy horse. On the other hand...

Oh lala! But then there's the possibility of exploring my more masculine side...

I just. don't. know. I think maybe I'll just leave it to the experts, which, of course, would be this guy:

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