So once again it is Friday. And as you should all know, we continue the tradition of free Pabst to compliment your shopping experience. For this post I really wanted to give you all some FASHION because I know I haven't for a while, and since it's Friday... well I just thought I would make it easy on meeself and google "PBR fashion". I did this, and was extremely disappointed with the result. I've decided to do something about it. Hopefully the next time you put "PBR" and "fashion" into your Google searcher this will be one of the images that will pop up for your delitement:

Just remember that I made this for you. Thats's me in an amazing choo-choo onesie that was up for grabs in our Etsy shop, but, lo, is no longer.

Don't forget! We're open till 9pm every Friday!

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