HAPPY TAX DAY! (this post was meant for yesterday)

Sorry about the blog neglect. First of all, Nature has decided that I must die. I'm fighting back with my massive Kleenex consumption though. Here is where should go a photo of my overflowing rubbish bin full of hankies.
Also, before I forget:
Dear Mader,
We were supposed to sew the big drapes for the shop on Easter, but we forgot. Remember? Just like we forgot to go to The Phantom of the Opera after I bought you tickets for your birthday.
Second of all:
The 12% unemployment in Oregon is freaking me out. Perhaps they should hire more people to work at the post office where I've lately been spending my afternoons standing in line.
And third of all:
A Rappin' Rodney Dangerfield 12 incher goes to the first person to correctly guess how many times in a row I just sneezed!!!! A $12 value.

"No respect, no respect..."

<3 fringe vintage
open everyday


Danny503 said...

I'm guessing 5... please let it be so.

Fringe Vintage said...

It was 12. Thanks for your participation though!

Danny503 said...

ughh. Rats...