Me, J, and little Willis all spent the day and evening out on the sidewalk, in the sun, grillin' (J and willie hot dogs, me veggie dogs (ew though, for both)) and soaking up the rays cuz' I hear they'll be gone again tomorrow. This is exactly what you'll find us doing if you ever come by on a warm, sunny day. I get hyper in the sun, and since Jeremy is from Texas he just feels normal for once. Willis doesn't really notice except that he gets to spend all day outside barking at things and eating bugs and left over hot dogs (actually he loves it).
A HUGE thank you! to Robert Francis for hanging up our new lantern!!! It looks beautiful and makes an amazing reflection on the overhang at night (see photos).
And in other news... we are trying to set ourselves up on Twitter. If you know how it works and have any tips let me know tout de suite cuz' what with the internets and all I'm beginning to be a bit overwhelmed with all these new technologies.

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