If you do not enjoy looking at photos of other peoples' dogs then you will not like this post.

Willis isn't supposed to dig. He will dig all day and all night if you let him. He will dig until he can't move anymore. He will dig his own grave. This was the beginning of his hole under the picnic table at our campsite.
Last weekend we went camping. Many things were done, including:
Fish hatchery visiting
Swimming (sort of. brrrr.)
Coffee drinking


a beautiful view ;)

Jeremy doesn't wear shoes whenever possible because he's trying to build up the calluses on the bottom of his feets because he thinks that in the future no one will be allowed to wear shoes because of the threat of terrorist attacks. I think perhaps he might be a little bit insane, but who am I to judge?

The campsite was surrounded by wetlands which were really neat because they were beautiful AND you could walk out over the swamp on logs!

I got a little sunburned on my shoulders. It still kinda hurts, but it was worth it. I probably won't say that when I get skin cancer though.

The ice cold water J thought would not give him hypothermia if he jumped into it. He was wrong. Twice.

Yale lake.

I carved this into a tree. j/k haha!

Look at those dirty paws and that guilty face. Chien sauvage.

Nectar of the Gods. And cowboys.


Very inspiring.

J is like Puff the Magic Dragon. All he has to do is blow on the wood and then we have a fire. An then he is the ultimate campfire chef too. The only utensils he needs are his bare hands. I'm serious.

OK so maybe he sometimes uses some aluminum foil too.

There was still lots of snow up by Kalama Falls. It was really cold. And really early. The honkers woke me up.

We can't let Willie off the leash very often because he will go Buck wild and we will never find him again. He would probably get eaten by a mountain lion in like 8 seconds.

Crossing the Kalama River in style, of course.

I carved that sign.


J at the fish hatchery. You don't even want to know about all the sick things the guy working there told us about. You don't even want to know.

Baby Chinook Salmon. There's about 2 million fish total in that hatchery.

We found out that Willis likes to eat corn on the cob even more than we do, and he is more skilled at chowing down on it too. I had to take a video of him because it was really cute. Like hilarious I-can't-look-anymore-or-my-heart-will-explode cute.
If I can figure out how to post it I will let you see it soon!
In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine! yay.

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