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I am obsessed with Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang" for the moment. I had to go and look him up and was surprised to find out that he died when he was only 33. A woman shot him in "self-defense." Pretty crazy story, go to Wiki if you want to read it.
I went to YouTube to get him singin' it for your convenience, but there wasn't one.
This guy's version is like, totally just as good though:

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nicole said...

i've been listening to sam cooke a lot lately too! had no idea he only lived til 33...

my fave of his is def "a change is gonna come" bc i love that he wrote it in response to a dylan tune...but lately i've been enjoying "cupid" too..


cassiacassia said...

i'm a little late, but i'm so in love with sam. my favorite song is 'bring it on home to me'. it's really sad that he died so young and there is not many videos of him on the net! (sorry for my english - i'm brazilian!)