GUEST LECTURE: Marche Aux Puces

(Marche Aux Puces, Paris.)

Last Saturday! was the maiden voyage of the Eastside Flea Market. Chad and Rob, two guys from Miami in a NYC way, missed their beloved flea markets and set about to create one here in Portland. Fringe Vintage was proudly a member of the starting lineup.

The marché was held in the parking lot at Voodoo Doughnuts (on the eastside! not the chinatown one that all the tourist books tell you to go to after you go to Powell's) other participants included sellers of screenprinted shirts, classy-lookin housewares, woodworking, rival (j/k) vintage sellers, stuff like that. All very radical.

Sadly, great things often encounter challenges in their infancy. And so it was that the first EFM happened on a cloudy day. So some people got their expensiver-stuff wet, and packed up. These girls pictured above and I, we stuck around! Lots of fun for buyers, sellers, and people stuffing their faces with doughnuts. Case in point: this lady, who waltzed off with a JFK bust and his hit record (often known simply as "the white album"):

Bc she is in love with him. Her husband told me so right after he haggled me down to $8.50 for the package deal. More on prices below.

We're going to do it again on Saturday, july 11, and roughly twice a month (always Saturday) thereafter. You! should! come! Lots of what you find at the Fringe Vintage Flea stand is, or will be, a total bargain, even compared to the already reasonable rates at regular Fringe Vintage. Records especially- we're selling off our personal collection. You'll also find me (Jeremy), while Erin holds down the brick-and-mortar shop. In July, the EFM will have upwards of 15 vendors. Lots of stuff to do and buy!!! For like, a pittance. Have I made that clear?

Voodoo Doughnuts is at 15th & NE Sandy, right up the hill from the lower Burnside (doug fir etc.) strip.

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