My sister makes the most amazing vegan milkshakes...

I drank almost a million of them while I was visiting her in Seattle (I'm totally not even exaggerating).
Homage to my train ride:
I highly recommend listening to CAN on the train. It will make the ride fly by!

I must say that the Kelso train station has been a fairly beautiful fixture in the downtown, as opposed to most of the other neglected historical structures.

I like that I only have to take one bag when making this short trip. Nothing beats vintage plaid. Nothing.

OK maybe something does beat it, but I really like this bag.

This is my dear friend Mike. He was visiting from Los Angeles. He has very good fashion. We visited the Seattle Public Library and almost threw-up from vertigo and over-sensory-exposure. If you haven't been yet you should go when you are in Seattle. Go to every single floor, including the highest point of the atrium. If you are afraid of heights try holding your vomit in until you are done hanging over the railing to gawk at the people below.

inside library

neon-green glowing escalator

highest point of library atrium looking down
we also went to the Seattle Center to watch the people in the fountain. looks pretty fun.

I'm always so jealous of those kiddies!
the trip ran a little long after my sis told me her and her BF were going to see Femi Kuti on Tues night. I pretty much flipped out and am glad I did the right thing and stayed to see him and his band. One of the most amazing shows I will ever get to experience in my life. Earlier today I posted a video of his father, Fela Kuti. The club he used to play at in Nigeria is now an actual shrine. pretty friggin amazing stuff. you must check it out.

Femi Kuti & one of his dancers

total nerds

me and me sis
<3 fringe vintage
open everyday

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