woa dudes. i had a totally killer weekend filled with friends, family, swimming, vending, money making, chinese food eating, drinking, sweating, sunburning, and karaokeing.
watch out or we will take over your universe.
The Kelso Downtown Revitalization Association, of which Mader is a founding member, put on a premier event of epic stature on Saturday. The Kelso Spring Fling featured over 44 vendors from all over western Washington, including, I might add, some of the coolest cats around, namely me, my sis, and our friends and fam. What? We are rad.

Cheyenne makes amazing feather hair clips and beaded earrings. They are beautiful, and they are cheap. See and buy a few of her things on Etsy here: icandyaccents.etsy.com

And I've mentioned Jess before. He was selling records, smoked salmon, photographs, and effing brilliant buttons, three of which I am now the proud owner. He is sexy. Ask him out on a date here: neonlogcabin.blogspot.com

My sis was selling live moss terrariums. Nobody got it. They were all like "I got enough moss in my backyard." Ouch. Totally lost in translation. They are beautiful though. Us apartment-dwelling city folk can now buy them here, at Fringe Vintage. Prices range from $8-$20.

Corey Bishop (tattoos and torn jeans-totally punk) is a tattoo artist and makes robots. I've never seen his robots but I HEAR they're pretty pretty pretty kewl. His tats look pretty rads.

Made from vintage magazines and porn! I know. He should sell them here.

One of my new designer buttons.

Cash money. Made out like a bandit.

She friggin made those earrings.

One of Cheyenne's hair clips.

Terrarium geek reading about terrariums.

By far the most beautiful Garage Sale sign I've ever seen.

I told you he was sexy.

Jess' work station.

Old free mason building downtown.

There used to be a drug store on the first floor. Now it's vacant.


Restored Kelso Theater Pub.

<3 fringevintagepdx
open everyday


betsy and iya said...

This post made my day. So much joy. lovely.

Kenna said...

yey! proud to be a terrarium geek!