muchas blog neglectas

sorry about the muchas blog neglectas mes amigos! we have been muchas busy trying to get muchas better organised in the magical room where our vintage gods and goddesses make exclusive vintage merchandise come to life and appear for us to admire and don, also known simply as the "office." gracias for being muchas patientos.

Also! Thanks to the help of the super fantastico, always punctual, ever-so-amazing Robert Francis, our door is now PINK! (The color is called "Rose Parade"!) Still needs another coat though. Robert Francis is, like, one of my heros.

And now here is a selection of some of my favoritos things available for purchase in the shop right now:

Original C3PO painting by E&J Collective

Blue floral Japanese porcelain picture frames

Super long-chained mint green cameo pendant

"Direction One" handmade vintage skeleton key necklace by E of E&J Collective

A fantastic selection of 6 and 9 buck ties

Willis got his dog-breath all over them just for you

Cheaper-than-you-think eyeglass frames

New Agey literature

Scarves as bows

Summer floral prints

Black and Rose print scarves

NOW DON'T FORGET to tell your friends that J is gonna be manning the flea stand at the donut shop tomorrow. Swing by for RAD deals and an excellent selection of LPs not available in store.

Voodoo Doughnuts is at 15th & NE Sandy, right up the hill from the lower Burnside (doug fir etc.) strip.
<3 fringe vintage
open everyday

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