Her spirit is alive and well at Fringe PDX.!

I (Mader, as she has so affectionately labeled me) get to talk with her (Erin) almost daily. It is not like it was when she was in France. WE would go weeks and hear nothing. Calls were like $500 a minute. Well, almost, really. On the phone from NY.. she could just as well be right outside the door. When we are talking, I think I could actually reach out and touch her. I think those words are close to an old ad for one of the telephone companies. "Reach out and touch someone." Anyways, it's not so bad. She is far, yet close. I think I will make a shrine at Fringe pdx in her honor. And old shirt, hairbrush, a favorite book, some candles, and of course a picture of her in some big frame. Yes, I think I will.

<3 fringe vintage
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