four shots or a three inch knife

This is something that affected me very deeply emotionally... Thank you Vacant Fever (Daniel Michael Miller) for helping draw attention to this horrible but important lesson... NEVER TRUST A COP!


On August 30, 2010 a Seattle police officer shot and killed John T. Williams, a Nitinaht member of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations. Williams was well known in the community as a wood carver. The in-car video camera from the officer's car shows Williams crossing the street in the crosswalk. He held a piece of wood and a 3-inch carving knife in his hand. The officer stopped his car, got out and according to his statement: called out multiple times. It is unclear if Williams heard the officer since he was deaf in one ear, partially deaf in the other and wearing a headset.

According to the autopsy report Williams was not facing the officer when he was shot 4 times. It has been reported that the SPD Firearms Review Board made a preliminary finding that the shooting was not justified and the officer's badge and gun have been surrendered.

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Lyrics by DMM of Vacant Fever

Red Feather & The Spirit Of The Dead.
Deaf & crossing the street watched by police.
Four shoots or a three inch knife, I said
"Four shots or a three inch knife".
They just lie to us, every chance they got.
Keep watching the Seattle Police.
Who brings a knife to a gun fight?
Red Feather & The Spirit Of The Dead.
Who do you believe?
Four shots or a three inch knife.
Let's go.


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crying my eyes out. first time i actually saw the video. Couldn't bring myself to watch it. the most recent coverage in the stranger is worthwhile if you haven't seen it already.