Thursday, May 26th... Afterhours Party

The Dirty Words, Westfold and Goodriddler @ Fringe Vintage, 8pm, Donations

If you haven't been to a Fringe show yet, you should probably check this out: For all you Westsiders, this is a good excuse to skip Last Thursday festivities on the other side of the River and stay close to home. For all you Eastsiders this gives you an excuse to miss out on all the "awesomeness" and tourist traffic you all love so much. Either way this will be a fun night.

is with us again because we love them as usual... These dudes never disappoint with their posty, dark, very Northwest but original brand of indie rock. Recent interview here: http://www.tonegazer.com/archives/259 Check out some their live tracks out here: http://soundcloud.com/studiofringe/sets/live-at-fringe-1

Goodriddler is on tour out of Santa Rosa so we need to show some extra love... His stuff is hard to pin down, but in a good way. He performs solo with a plethora of instruments, his laptop and voice. Expect hard mathy drums, smooth sweeping vox, coupled with more electronic and ambient sounds. From Tonegazer: http://www.tonegazer.com/archives/311 Video and sounds here: http://www.myspace.com/goodriddler

The Dirty Words Have been making indie rock in Oregon for several years now but have only been a Portland band since last September. “Live, the Dirty Words are true to their name, unleashing gritty rockers often at jet engine volume and speed while blending punk tendencies with the highly emotive lyrical style of front man David Clemmer” from The Source Weekly. Clips here: http://thedirtywords.com/wp/music/

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Specialfxlady said...

Hello. I've managed to find the site! Lana and I enjoyed visiting with you and The Captain yesterday. See you at the next show!