i feel like a bit of a fawn

One of my favorite ex-clients, Angela DeCristofaro once asked me if I myself ever wear vintage.  I guess she kept seeing me surrounded by all of these beautiful old things and wondered why I always appeared in holey jeans and t-shirts--was I never inspired?  I'm thinking of her today because I'm wishing that I were somewhere else, like she, who moved to Sydney a few many months ago, and mostly because the sunlight *cough* stirs my soul.  I feel like a bit of a fawn. The answer is, yes, I do get inspired, and that is why I have surrounded myself with these things, and that is why I don't wear them most of the time, and so is the way the sun stirs my soul. I've been clothing my body in things I've had for years. I pick them up and they never leave. I used to tuck my stuffed animals in at night and kiss them all at the end of my bed. I bought these jeans in Paris, and I found this shirt at an old ladies house who died, and the armband is broken. And I could wear all of these clothes at once if I wanted to, because they are all mine, and perhaps that is why I don't want to. And I wish I was somewhere else because the sun is shining, not because i don't like it here.

Do you like my shirt?
There is free beer and a styrofoam head in the frigo, and no one to drink it.
Remember, we are open until 9 pm on Fridays, and you will get FREE BEER if you want it!

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