Meet our new phone

A few days ago my mom bought a new phone for Fringe Vintage. In case you haven't noticed, every time the phone rings we have to run to the back and catch it in the office before it stops ringing. The phone jacks in this place are jacked up. So Mader bought a cordless, which means no more running and dodging custies. Well, as you can probably imagine, Mader buys almost everything from dead people because that's the biz we're in. The quite excellent cordless she purchased for a pretty sweet deal came complete with Esther's old, unerased messages. There were 10 in total.
Now I would play them for you, but I wouldn't want to disrespect, so I will just tell you that almost all of them were debt collectors trying to get ahold of "someone responsible" for the accounts of dear old Esther. "This message is for a family member or relative who is handling the account for _____ please give American Express a call at 1-800-eat-brains..." Seriously guys, you're going to hell. There was also a cellphone customer rep. calling to let Esther know that if she ever wanted to stop by and talk about cell phones, she would be there to help her. Also a robo call from Newt Gingrich asking Esther to attend the next town hall meeting. What the hell kind of a name is Newt anyway, that's what I'd like to know.
There are two phone numbers taped to the back of the headset: Susan's, and Cheryl & Jerry's.
Thanks mom!

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Anonymous said...

It is Madder... not mom... you are so funny. Please clean the "death" of said phone. I know it was kind of dirty. I hope it work well at the counter even with the base in the back.

Fringe Vintage said...

Mader you really need to proofread your comments. I don't understand.