Things i saw in passing, joaquin phoenix, and FASHION

These are rad (and I'm pretty sure I know who's behind them):

I love this too, which I see everywhere now:

I think that is joaquin phoenix. If I didn't live in Portland, where like every other dude also looks like that, then I would be more sure about it, but for all intents and purposes we're going to assume that it's him. I wouldn't love it as much if the guy hadn't decided he was gonna pursue his career as a rapper. OK, you know what? I've decided I'm also gonna become a rapper. That doesn't mean I'm gonna grow a beard and grow a pair of sunglasses on my face, but I'm glad that we're now in the post-post-post modern era where you grow a beard to call yourself a rapper. maybe he's doing it for a girl. he does look way hotter now that you can't see his face. Seriouzly though, what a publicity stunt! If I just started wearing a fake beard everyday I would eventually become known as "the vintage store where the wierd girl always wears a beard" and then I would make a killing because everyone would talk about me and come here just to see me. But that would just be lazy, like Joaquin Phoenix. Get a real talent duder!!!!!

In case you missed it, here is the debut of his new persona on Letterman:


And now here's my FASHION for the day:

Dress, Pop-Up Shoppe on 23rd Ave. - Leggings, thrifted a million years ago - Booties, thrifted - Madonna and child necklace, DIY - France pendant, Surface to Air, Paris

<3 fringe vintage
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Anonymous said...

that dress is fab... are you going to sell it??? or is it yours and only yours...

this Phoenix thing... is it for real...?? I watched David last night and it was on too. come on... seems so very real.