Maintenant tu es en cendres, cendres

I suppose 2nd post of these guys means that I'm becoming a fan...? Maybe I should buy one of their records (is that what you call it these days?).
This song is really cool. The video is equally such. If you don't understand french then you should just know that they wrote it about one of their dancers/choreographers named Marcia Moretto who died of breast cancer in 1981 at age 32. They've brilliantly combined wacky and upbeat lyrics with those which are quite sad. For example:

Moretto comme ta bouche Moretto how your mouth

Est immense quand to souris Is immense when you smile

Et quand tu ris je ris aussi And when you laugh I also laugh

Tu aimes tellement la vie You love life so much

Quel est donc ce froid So what is this coldness

Que l'on sent en toi? That one senses in you?

Mais c'est la mort But it's death

Qui t'a assassinee Marcia Who assassinated you Marcia

C'est la mort It's death

Tu t'es consumee Marcia You consumed yourself Marcia

C'est le cancer It's cancer

Que tu as pris sous ton bras That you took by the arm

Maintenant tu es en cendres, cendres Now you are ashes, ashes

The guitar player, Fred Chichin, died in 2007 of heart complications due to cancer. According to Wiki he was buried in the Cimetière de Montmartre.
Catherine Ringer, the fkin rad front woman, is still alive. Wiki tells me that she was also in some pornos...I guess it isn't all that surprising, is it.

Apparently "mitsouko" means "mystery" in Japanese, which I did not know until today, even after J bought me this: for my birthday.

And now, after some delay, here's the video:

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