I wanted a chihuahua.

Sometimes it's hard for me to get out of bed in the morning if I haven't got anything to be excited about. This morning I knew the sun would be shining, so that was easy. Yesterday the sun was also peeking through the heavy bedroom drapes, but that wasn't what got me up at all... it was the fact that I couldn't breathe. Apparently I am allergic to like everything.
Since I couldn't bear to lay there and wait for me eyes to glue themselves shut, or for me wee throat to close up, Willis and I got out of bed and went for a walk. We discovered some things that shed light on what might be the source of my suffering. Turns out, it might be worth it.

Since we rose with the sun, there wasn't much to do except stroll around and take pictures of flowers and sniff things, so we went home to wait for J to awaken from his peaceful slumber. Then we all went for another excruciating long walk full of pain and suffering. When finally we ended up at the shop I took an allergy pill that reduced me to a heavy melting pile of nappy time.
Here is my fashion from yesterday:

The dress is a miserable rag that I've had for ages that both my mom and dad tell me to throw away every time they see me in it. Everyone else thinks it's rad. The wool cardigan was a gift from a woman who sometimes stops by. The shoes were thrifted somewhere. My mom gave me (?) the amazing white shades. And the dog was the best I could do as far as pet-accessory. I wanted a chihuahua.


Phoebus said...

I told the dog. he heard that. he gonna take yer boyfriend, you snatch.

so the pictures are ok?

Phoebus said...

in the second one his head looks like an enormous mushroom that you found. Or a grass-beast ready to take on all of I-405.